A day later, this woman is reached from the Takashi which begins sexually harassing the woman

Anri attends high-school at the Raira Academy that will be on the same classification since the Mikado and Seiji. Her friend Mika www.datingranking.net/kinkyads-review/ is positioned in identical classification but happens shed before the first-day of college or university. Anri spends the original partners times of school interested in Mika and you can asks Seiji in the event the he has seen the lady.

Anri volunteers becoming group user since it is what Mika create have done. When she accidentally looks at the Mika’s chair, Mikado, just who sits in direct front side of empty chair, requires it a hint you to she wishes him so you can voluntary just like the male group representative.

One day just after school, the Anri’s secondary school bullies reappear so you’re able to insult their. Whenever Mikado, Masaomi, Izaya, and in the end Shizuo get involved in what turns into a giant streetfight, Mikado holds Anri and operates aside. She befriends Mikado and you will Masaomi and you will informs them regarding Mika. She explains Mika’s eccentricities, going as far as to call the lady a great stalker. She and introduces how they was indeed each other playing with each other and then make on their own feel better, and this Mikado is able to discover.

Saika Arch [ ]

Anri notices the girl teacher, Takashi Nasujima, are chased because of the Celty. She covers him of the stabbing Celty’s arm and you will knocking away from this lady helmet, discussing the woman destroyed lead. She takes advantage of Celty’s surprise to run away. As a result of the darkness of your alleyway, neither Celty neither Takashi discover just who Anri try. She upcoming conserves Mikado and you may Masaomi out-of people exactly who stated to help you be part of the fresh Yellow Jewelry, but they are unaware of this lady wedding.

The good news is, Masaomi is available in to end your, mentioning the name away from an old scholar resulting in your so you’re able to log off. After, Anri guides that have Masaomi and you can Mikado when you’re Masaomi explains why the fresh new label of your previous student, Haruna Niekawa, caused Takashi in order to back off. The brand new rumor is that Takashi is with an event that have Haruna one to triggered an excellent scandal and you may pushed their to switch universities. When the trio breaks upwards, Anri will get taken on a street by her bullies. As they will discover on her, Anri retreats back into her mental layer. From the light elizabeth space where she talks about the country as though it were into the a graphic physical stature. As the bullies consistently taunt her, she witnesses new slasher are available behind them and attack.

Anri goes to the police field where Mikado selections her up and you may informs their to be careful. The very next day, Takashi harasses the lady again, and you will the woman is again stored because of the Masaomi. Since she is strolling household, this woman is attacked by the a good Saika-had Shuuji Niekawa.

All of a sudden, Saburo Togusa works Shuuji more than together with car. The guy stands up and you will tries to assault once again however, Celty and Shizuo experience when you look at the toward Celty’s bicycle and steer clear of your. Frustrated by Shuuji’s effort, Shizuo rips the door away from Saburo’s van and you will hits Shuuji aside inside it. Celty takes his knife and you can pushes Anri family, formally opening herself. When Anri requires what is actually less than her head protection, Celty suggests the lady, and you will Anri many thanks the woman.

When Mika returns to college, she actually is dating Seiji and is never seen except that him, and although she and Anri not go out, he is nonetheless to your an effective words and ready to discover each almost every other

Late at night, Haruna Niekawa appear to check out Anri’s household. Anri very carefully invites her in the and seems noticeably interrupted by the Haruna’s visibility. Haruna tells the lady you to she’s going to die when deciding to take the lady Takashi. Anri tries to establish one to she will not such as for example him, however, Haruna enjoys chose to eliminate the lady regardless. In the last time, some body hits on the door, and Haruna decides to kill anybody who it’s. When Haruna opens up the doorway, Takashi is standing indeed there. Haruna, madly in love, chases immediately following him and you will directs a crowd of their had followers to help you destroy Anri.